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My name is Porsche Taylor, not too many greater... gotta give a shout out to my lovers and my haters... Blessed with the vision to create my own lane, I hope you get inspired and decide to do the same. Read my full bio.



    I love to create branding and web design via Springcart, a boutique design and print firm in Long Beach, CA. We specialize in Great Graphics at competitive prices. Visit Springcart for samples of our work.



    Book DJ Porsche Taylor for Weddings, Corporate Events, Private Parties, and Special Events… I’ve got an extremely versatile catalogue, and I love to spin Hip Hop, Funk, Soul, R&B, New Jack Swing, 80’s Pop, and Michael Jackson (yes, he’s his own genre).



    I am a biker with more miles than excuses. It’s more than just a hobby, it’s a way of life. Check out my magazine, Black Girls Ride, and get familiar.



    Since 2011, I have lost over 60 lbs. I did it with Diet and Exercise. I’m in the gym daily. I’ll be blogging my thoughts about my fitness challenges. I also post daily on Instagram. One step at a time, lighter with every step… #occupythegym.

My calendar stays full. I'm everywhere you want to be...

About My Blog // Posts about fitness, music and inspiration. Anything Goes. This is the one space in my life where I'll write freely.


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    God gave me a few messages to share this morning:  
    1. If he gives you the vision, he will give you the provisions. Be obedient to the process and you will be rewarded. Some of your biggest supporters haven’t met you yet.
    2. Every Facebook follower ain’t your friend. Some love you, some like you, and some hate you, but want to watch the show. Always let them see you living your best life.
    3. On the stage of life, let the hate become noise in the crowd. Every hater doesn’t deserve a response. Let the boos get lost among the applause.  
    4. ROCKSTARS, Stop giving backstage access to people who should be watching from the cheap seats. Guard your trust. Some want to take from you and then undermine your vision. Get them on the other side of your velvet rope.
    5. When you shine bright, some can’t take living in your shadow and will try to throw shade. Keep shining anyway. Your energy brings life to those who need it. Be still, The shady people will remove themselves when they realize they can’t extinguish your fire.


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    Loneliness is crushing, like waves crashing against a break point. It pounds me, makes me soft with emotion. Makes me salty with tears, thoughts of regret and inadequacy. It drowns me in truth of reality. I fight through the waves that threaten to take me under in a current of depression. I’m fighting to break through, to breathe freely. I’m fighting for fresh air. I fight against the under tow, determined to rise to the top…  Perhaps one day, I’ll be blessed and the waves will settle into a new love.


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    I’m in my feelings right now.

    Learning to embrace my feelings, let them wash over me…

    Learning to sit in the moment of emotions and contemplate the lessons of life.

    Learning to release the feeling into the universe with a prayer to learn from mistakes and lost opportunity. Learning to savor the joy just a little longer and enjoy the Victory.

    Learning to convert worry into faith, like a file converts from RGB to CMYK. Life is better and vibrant with more color. Learning to own whatever I feel, to treasure my emotions. They are a part of my DNA. And while, I won’t sit in them too long, I will allow myself the permission to feel them without reprimand.

    Feelings create vision… and vision creates future. So, how do you feel?

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