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    Dear Myisha,
    9.5 years ago, God sent me a blessing. I received a brilliant, sexy, loving, creative woman as a teammate. You are everything I prayed for and full of qualities I didn’t even know I needed at the time. You’re my biggest fan, supporting me in every way. I knew then, that you’re mine. I say that in the most possessive way possible.

    Since we met, we’ve been together through ups and very literal downs. We’ve both seen growth I don’t think we imagined when we met. You continue to be my daily inspiration. 2 years ago today, I pledged my life to you. I’ve never felt more sure about any decision I’ve ever made, than I was about the decision to become one with you. I’m proud and honored to have you. I thank God for you daily because I know he made you perfect for me.

    Almost 10 years together and 2 years into our marriage, we still share precious moments. We’re long past the honeymoon stage, and I’m still in love with you. We’re deep into the crust of marriage, and have learned that the words marriage and love are verbs. These words need to be demonstrated daily. It’s my continuing mission to show and prove daily that I love you with my whole heart.

    Thank you for your love and commitment. Thank you for pushing me to be greater. Thank you for fanning my flames when my light starts to dim. I promise to always match your effort. You are mine, still.

    Happy 2nd Anniversary, Love… Here’s to a continuous lifetime together.



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    Weight loss is by far the biggest challenge I’ve ever faced.  It’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  The battle to make healthy choices, when fast food is so cheap and easily accessible has to be akin to what Eve dealt with in the garden.  The toughest part is the interal struggle with self to do the right thing.  You fight to get up early and workout, you fight laziness, excuses, body aches, mental fatigue, time… The list goes on.  

    But, if you can push through the challenges, the reward is immense. You gain energy, self esteem, sexiness, and the world seems to open up around you.  

    Fitness is the fight of my life, for the rest of my life.  There’s no room for laziness and complacency at the table of excellence.  I will be obedient. I will be patient.  I will choose my goals over immediate gratification.  Amen.


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    “Hey Man, Don’t you quit.”  My boy Cali T said that to me yesterday, as we were meeting to go read to the kids for Cat In the Hat Day at 42nd St. School.  Cali has been a major inspiration for me, both on and off the motorcycle set.  He’s an amazing father to his son, and a man who puts family and community first.  We’ve developed a bond over the years, that starts with a love of our hometown Inglewood, CA.  We were discussing my magazine, Black Girls Ride.  “Why do you say that?”, I asked.  He said, “I can see the devil at work in your life lately… You’ve had a lot of stuff happen.”  I nodded in agreement.

    Cali doesn’t know it, but God used him as an angel to give me a message and his blessing. Sometimes, when you’re in the midst of a battle, you can’t measure your wins and losses.  The end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016 have brought some of the toughest losses I’ve ever had to face.  But, through it all, my faith remains as strong as ever.  I firmly believe, if God gives you the vision, he will give you the provisions to carry it out.  As an entrepreneur, my faith is tested daily.  From homelessness to health crisis, death and financial instability, I’m a living testament and God has never let me down.

    So, as I go through my struggles, I acknowledge that he sent an angel to deliver me a message.  And, it’s a blessing I humbly receive.


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    Honored by the feature on Sisters’ Centennial Motorcycle Ride’s website… These ladies are hosting an amazing ride in honor of the Van Buren Sisters, the first women to cross the US on ground. I’m super excited to be invited to take the ride as a guide from New York to San Francisco! This ride will be epic!  Get the details!


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    Yesterday, I was asked to speak at LA Harley-Davidson of Anaheim on my passion for motorcycle riding and Black Girls Ride Magazine.  It hasn’t yet sunk in that I’m living my passion.  I’m often asked to speak to ladies who ride, and I’m always humbled.  I’ve only been riding for 13 years, and I’ve only done one cross country trip.  I’m always proud and happy to share my experience.  My one little trip was the time of my life.  After I spoke, a few of the ladies came up and let me know that I was an inspiration to them.  It’s a great feeling to know that something you do out of pure joy can inspire others.  I’m so thankful that I was chosen for the purpose of inspiring other women to ride, and live their passion.


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    I had an amazing day yesterday, starting with a great workout, and ending with dinner with friends!   


    God blessed us with a warm, sunny saturday.  I got up early, got into the gym, road 14 miles while listening to a great I love the 80’s mix by DJ Jaycee.  A great music mix can make a workout a lot of fun!  

      I headed over to Irv Seaver BMW in Orange, CA to hang with Edwina and Kevin.  They had great free carne asada tacos!  The service guys helped me out on the spot with my bike alarm issue, and I was ready to roll in 15 mins!  While I waited, I grabbed tacos and browsed the accessories section.  They’re having a great sale with 20% off of heated gear.  

      Edwina showed me Schuberth’s new M1 half helmet, which has its own SRC Comms system.  We’ll be taking it out for a ride, and I’ll write about it in an upcoming issue of Black Girls Ride Magazine.

      After lunch and shop talk, I headed over to SeCCRet’s Long Distance Rider Orientation.  We’re preparing for the Bessie Stringfield Ride, June 22 – 25 from Birmingham, AL to Miami, FL, and SeCCRet put together an awesome presentation on must-have gear for a long ride.   

     The video is up on Periscope: blackgirlsride, and we’ll also put it up on YouTube.  We had a packed house and an online audience, all there for the knowledge.  

      Afterward, we hung out with Ms. Showtime and the Magnificent 7 MC to celebrate Jerry’s Surprise birthday party.  It’s always great to see her!

      We wrapped with dinner at Roscoes Chicken & Waffles.  Lots of love and laughs with my sisters on ground!


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    Day 2 of 365 complete! Over 7 miles plus leg day. Realizing it’s ok to be obsessive. Some people call it obsessive, some call it focused. To get the results I want, fitness has to be an extreme priority. There can be no complacency until the goal is met. #occupythegym #faith #focus fitness #runoutofexcuses 


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    I wrote this to remind myself what has to be done to achieve health and wellness in 2016.  Here’s to Consistency, Faith, Focus and Fitness in the New Year!  I post my journey on Instagram and use the #occupythegym tag.  Let’s get it!




    10 tips for mental toughness and fitness preparation

    1. Decide. Commit. Succeed.
    When you decide, you’re already done. The rest is just your timeline.
    Fitness essentials for consistency:
    – meal plans
    – clean clothes
    – gym routine

    2. Don’t think, Just Go.
    Don’t argue or reason out of a workout. Run out of excuses.

    3. Be Selfish
    Fitness over everything. Create good habits and protect them fiercely. Make your fitness routine a priority. Pay yourself with time and commitment.

    4. Get Uncomfortable
    If your workout seems easy, time to level up and set a new goal.

    5. Log off
    Put your phone on airplane mode during your workout. Save selfies and posts for the sauna.

    6. Eat Clean
    Eat Real food + water
    Cheat meal, not cheat day
    Create realistic meal plans

    7. Track Everything
    Food, cardio and strength training… It all counts.  MyFitnessPal is a great app.

    8. Forgive yourself
    Repent for your fitness sins and get back on track. Don’t give up. It didn’t happen in a day, it won’t come off in a week.

    9. Do the work
    There is no shake, pill or waist trainer that will magically slim you down. You need to move significantly, with daily consistency.

    10. Do the math
    Weight loss is mathematic. 3000 calories in a pound. Burn more calories than you eat.  The result equals weight loss.

    And that’s really all there is to it.  Train your mind, and the body will follow.


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    Counting my blessings and loving life.  It’s been an amazing year!