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    Getting some wind therapy on the BMW S1000RR. The best therapy for a busy mind is on a bike.  There’s no time to think about anything but the ride and the view.  Any problems you have disappear with the twist of your wrist.


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    Today, I begin my 39th year. I’m flooded with feelings, particularly mortality. Seems like this is unofficially the last year of my youth, and I’m standing on the precipice of middle age. Funny thing though, I feel younger than I did at 30. I can run farther, jump higher and last longer. The difference between then and now is mental. I have the capacity to navigate through life more aware than before.

    I’ve accepted my imperfections and learned to move forward. I’m kinda like my Busa. Even with a bad 2nd gear, I’m hard to keep up with. Life has been a blessing. I’m not flush with cash, but I’m rich in love and time to spend doing what I want. Even my bad days are better than most people’s best days. I’m thankful. I still have my parents for wisdom. I have my wife for love and support. I have my Dylan to remind me how precious youth is. I have my family and friends for great memories.

    This marks the 3rd anniversary of my accident. And, I’ve been keeping my promise to God. My body is in better shape. The fountain of youth is full of sweat and I dip myself in daily. My gift to myself this year is a renewed commitment to my fitness. I will be under 200 lbs by my 40th birthday.

    I will also unleash my ideas on the world. I will plan and execute my dreams. I will realize my purpose. I will not let my perceived lack of provisions keep me from moving forward. I will be consistent and obedient to the plan.

    Happy Birthday to me. The clock is ticking…


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    Early morning is always a time of reflection for me.  The world is still and I’m able to think clearly without the distractions of emails, social media, etc.  I’ve been using the time to read books and blogs that I usually don’t have time to get around to, as my day gets going.  This morning, I’ve been planning my project calendar and reading up on Facebook algorithms for fan pages.  And now, it’s time to occupy the gym.  Here’s to a great day!


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    Started off with breakfast with some riders I absolutely adore… Lots of jokes! Met up with my wife for Popsicles at the patchwork show in long beach and she took me to dinner. I feel blessed and loved!


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    One of the great things about working from home is not getting caught up in the morning commute. Today, I had to meet with a client in Marina Del Rey at 9am, and of course, I decided to ride, so I can cut through the traffic. All is well, and I’m splitting lanes on the 405 N, near the Howard Hughes exit. Out of nowhere, another biker comes around me on my left and cuts in front of me to split lanes ahead of me. What he didn’t see was the garbage truck getting over (which was why I slowed down). He swerves and just misses being creamed by the truck. My first response was shock, then anger. Was it really worth cutting me off to shave seconds off your time, only to almost get killed? Whoosahhhhh….


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    International Female Ride Day was on May 5th and I organized a ladies ride from Long Beach to Hollywood.  We took about 50 ladies and gents up the coast and through LA.  The ride was beautiful, but it got off to a rocky start.  I felt the need to blog about it, because I wanted to document the event on my own page, and I also wanted to get feedback on whether or not I was too sensitive.  I’ll lay out the details, you be the judge.  There were about 50 riders in our group.  We had 6 road captains (shout out to Assassin Riders MC) to make sure we stayed together and were safe on our ride.

    After a moment of prayer, and a short briefing, we left Roscoes in Long Beach and headed north on Alamitos to a church to pay respects to a fallen rider (RIP Buttacup).  We kept a slow pace to the 405 fwy because we didn’t want to leave anyone behind.  As we were leaving the church, I saw one cop car.  Then, another… and another.  I felt a slight pang, but tried not to think anything of it.  We were law abiding.  They weren’t following us (or so it seemed), and I thought it was just coincidence.  Then, just as we got to Spring and Alamitos, with the 405 on ramp just a 100 yards away, we stopped for a red light.  I could see the cop car to my left, slow to a stop, coming eastbound on Spring.  And, the familiar feeling of anxiety whenever police are near hit me.  It’s that feeling I’ve had since I was a kid, a feeling of powerlessness against authority.  My nephew (who just turned 3) also feels it.  Just the other day, we were riding along and he said, “It’s the police! We’ve got to get away!”  I told him that the police were nice guys, and we didn’t have to run from them.  They were there to protect us.  But, for some reason, with my hand on the throttle, I had the same thought he did.  My eyes were focused on the 405.  I felt like a runaway slave, running for the promised land.  And, just as the light turned green, the cop hit his siren and stopped in front of us all.  3 more cars pulled up along side of us.  We had been law abiding the whole way, maintaining the speed limit, so as not to lose anyone.  So, why were we being stopped?  The officers got out of their cars.  One headed for the lead road captain and asked him for his license and registration.  The other headed for me.  A shot of fear gripped me… Not because I was afraid he would harm me, but I didn’t want him to ruin our ride before it could start.


    Officer:  “You know, you guys have got to obey the rules of the road, and we won’t have to harass you.”
    Me: “What did we do?”
    Officer: “One of you ran a red light back there.”
    Me: “We’ve been riding within the law.  We haven’t gone over 35, specifically because we don’t want to lose anyone.”
    Officer: “Where are you guys headed?”
    At this point, I could feel myself heat up… why was I being asked to account for my travels, especially since I hadn’t done anything wrong??!!  But then, I turned around and looked at the 50 people behind me.


    Focus.  The goal is the 405.  So, I softened.
    Me: “It’s International Female Ride Day.  All of us got together to go for a ride along the coast.  We just came from a funeral, paying respects for a fellow rider who passed away.”
    Officer: “See!  That’s what I mean.  You guys gotta stop being so reckless on those things…”
    I could feel my blood begin to boil.
    Me: “…That’s not what happened.  She was killed by a drunk driver.” *Blank Stare*
    Officer: “Oh.”
    Just then, we could hear engines.  More riders were coming off the 405 freeway, and caught his attention.
    Officer: “So, there’s a funeral huh?”
    Me: “Yes, and there will be a lot of bikers in long beach today.”
    Officer: “Well, we had to make sure you guys weren’t like those NY Riders.  You know what happened out there don’t you?  We don’t want that around here.” (Not this again. SMH)
    Me: “No Sir, we’re leaving.  We’re just trying to get to the fwy.”  I hated myself for having to reassure him that we were “good boys and girls”.  Just then, everything checked out with the Road Captain, and they let us through.  But not before one last warning:
    Officer: “Next time, give us a heads up and let us know you’re coming.  Be safe.”

    Yeah.  OK.  Because I need your permission.  SMH.  The officers eventually moved, and let us pass.  I definitely felt some kinda way about the whole ordeal, but my goal was a successful ride.  And, indeed, it ended well.  Read more about it at  What do you think?  Was it all in my head?



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    Feeling blessed and refreshed.  It’s funny how my mind tightens when I’m getting my body in shape.  With all of the technology that has us “checking in” and “sharing”, my workout is the one time when I can focus on my goals and the way to get them done.  I thought about Buttacup as I ran today.  She was always a ray of sunshine, smiling and happy.  I thought about how she loved to ride and represent.  I thought about how lucky we are to live, when so many of our friends and family didn’t wake up this morning.  Life is too short to harbor grudges and have issues with family and friends.  You never know when you will be called.  And, I would never want some nonsense stand in the way of years of friendship.

    I thought about my club, Steel Horses MC, and how proud I am of how far we’ve come.  Any relationship worth maintaining will have challenges.  We are by no means perfect, but we are strong as STEEL.

    I thought about my Sorors of Sigma Gamma Rho and how great it was to reconnect with them this weekend.  I thought about all of the excuses I’d given for not being an active member.  I’d forgotten the standard of excellence that was expected of me.  This weekend, my beacon was re-ignited and I am determined to come back to do my part.

    I thought about my fitness, and how I’ve been slacking.  It’s time to tighten up the plan and recommit to consistency.  By the grace of God, I’ve been maintaining my weight loss.  But, I need to step it up to get the loss I’ve been longing for.

    I thought about my love, and how lucky I am to have her as a part of my life.  She is wonderful.  She’s excellent and pushes me to greatness.  God has truly blessed me with a life partner.  She is complete in all facets of what I wanted.  I resolve to always love her the best way I can.

    Life is made up of many moving parts.  It’s hard to keep this machine working sometimes, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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    I had an awesome time last night spinning for my Western Region Sorors! It’s great to see so many beautiful and successful women! I had the privilege to meet Madame Grand Basilus! I am honored to be a part of such a wonderful organization…


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    My heart is heavy… You were beautiful, fearless and our sister on ground. Lisa Buttacup McAllister you will be forever in our hearts… RIDE IN PARADISE



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    Being An Auntie to my nephew Dylan has become my favorite past time. Dylan, aka DJ Sippycup, turned 3 yesterday and I just don’t know where the time went. I love this kid so much! It’s awesome to look at him and see a reflection of yourself. I’m proud of the kid he’s developing into…