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    I wrote this to remind myself what has to be done to achieve health and wellness in 2016.  Here’s to Consistency, Faith, Focus and Fitness in the New Year!  I post my journey on Instagram and use the #occupythegym tag.  Let’s get it!




    10 tips for mental toughness and fitness preparation

    1. Decide. Commit. Succeed.
    When you decide, you’re already done. The rest is just your timeline.
    Fitness essentials for consistency:
    – meal plans
    – clean clothes
    – gym routine

    2. Don’t think, Just Go.
    Don’t argue or reason out of a workout. Run out of excuses.

    3. Be Selfish
    Fitness over everything. Create good habits and protect them fiercely. Make your fitness routine a priority. Pay yourself with time and commitment.

    4. Get Uncomfortable
    If your workout seems easy, time to level up and set a new goal.

    5. Log off
    Put your phone on airplane mode during your workout. Save selfies and posts for the sauna.

    6. Eat Clean
    Eat Real food + water
    Cheat meal, not cheat day
    Create realistic meal plans

    7. Track Everything
    Food, cardio and strength training… It all counts.  MyFitnessPal is a great app.

    8. Forgive yourself
    Repent for your fitness sins and get back on track. Don’t give up. It didn’t happen in a day, it won’t come off in a week.

    9. Do the work
    There is no shake, pill or waist trainer that will magically slim you down. You need to move significantly, with daily consistency.

    10. Do the math
    Weight loss is mathematic. 3000 calories in a pound. Burn more calories than you eat.  The result equals weight loss.

    And that’s really all there is to it.  Train your mind, and the body will follow.


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