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    Dear Myisha,
    9.5 years ago, God sent me a blessing. I received a brilliant, sexy, loving, creative woman as a teammate. You are everything I prayed for and full of qualities I didn’t even know I needed at the time. You’re my biggest fan, supporting me in every way. I knew then, that you’re mine. I say that in the most possessive way possible.

    Since we met, we’ve been together through ups and very literal downs. We’ve both seen growth I don’t think we imagined when we met. You continue to be my daily inspiration. 2 years ago today, I pledged my life to you. I’ve never felt more sure about any decision I’ve ever made, than I was about the decision to become one with you. I’m proud and honored to have you. I thank God for you daily because I know he made you perfect for me.

    Almost 10 years together and 2 years into our marriage, we still share precious moments. We’re long past the honeymoon stage, and I’m still in love with you. We’re deep into the crust of marriage, and have learned that the words marriage and love are verbs. These words need to be demonstrated daily. It’s my continuing mission to show and prove daily that I love you with my whole heart.

    Thank you for your love and commitment. Thank you for pushing me to be greater. Thank you for fanning my flames when my light starts to dim. I promise to always match your effort. You are mine, still.

    Happy 2nd Anniversary, Love… Here’s to a continuous lifetime together.



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