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    God gave me a few messages to share this morning:  
    1. If he gives you the vision, he will give you the provisions. Be obedient to the process and you will be rewarded. Some of your biggest supporters haven’t met you yet.
    2. Every Facebook follower ain’t your friend. Some love you, some like you, and some hate you, but want to watch the show. Always let them see you living your best life.
    3. On the stage of life, let the hate become noise in the crowd. Every hater doesn’t deserve a response. Let the boos get lost among the applause.  
    4. ROCKSTARS, Stop giving backstage access to people who should be watching from the cheap seats. Guard your trust. Some want to take from you and then undermine your vision. Get them on the other side of your velvet rope.
    5. When you shine bright, some can’t take living in your shadow and will try to throw shade. Keep shining anyway. Your energy brings life to those who need it. Be still, The shady people will remove themselves when they realize they can’t extinguish your fire.


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