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    My wife keeps asking me if I’m ok. No, I’m not. I absolutely love Prince​. I’ll never forget the first time Jaleel​ took me to see him at the Hollywood Bowl. He paid an obscene amount of money for those tickets, but they were worth EVERY PENNY. We went to the after party, and I actually got to meet him. That was the first time I was ever speechless. He was little, but his presence was massive.

    Then, fast forward to my days at A&M with Alison​ and Monalisa​… Prince gave a secret show at his club Glam Slam. You had to know someone to even be invited. I walked up to the club and it was dead silent on the outside, except for his symbol on the door. You knocked, got in and there was wall to wall people. We were literally packed in the buildings like sardines. He kept us waiting for 3 hours. But, when he hit the stage, it was pure brilliance. I’ve been blessed to see him at the Forum. I’d see his show any chance I could. Every single time he gave us everything he had.

    Musically, he’s unmatched. A self taught musician that had so much music in him, he fought his record company to release as much as he wanted, when he wanted. He was way ahead of his time.

    RIP to a true Legend. My boy DJ Jaycee of V-103 (ATL, Ludacris, The Aphilliates)​ did the best Prince Mix I ever heard to this day. Enjoy and remember the master.


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